Documentation forIpMonitor
Effective December 31, 2024, IpMonitor will reach its end of life and will no longer be available or supported. If you liked IpMonitor, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Automatic Report

The Automatic Report alert emails a Recent Activity report to a selected user or group of users. The Recent Activity report includes uptime and downtime information, as well as any failure events for the last 24 hours.

The alert displays the network behavior leading up to the triggered alert and before responding to the problem. You can send the alert to multiple users and to different types of email-enabled devices.

The alert supports ipMonitor alert tokens. You can set up an optimal SMTP relay server within the server settings to ensure that emails are delivered to the correct users.

Use the Automatic Report alert to:

  • Examine a Recent Activity report to analyze a problem immediately after it has occurred.
  • Send custom failure and recovery alerts using text and ipMonitor tokens.

ipMonitor does not store the email alert messages. If a mail server cannot receive the email alert, the email is discarded. In Server Settings, you can configure the Optimal SMTP relay server field to ensure that email alerts are delivered and received by the targeted users. Messages are released first through this server.

If the SMTP relay server connection fails for any reason, ipMonitor uses MX records through DNS queries to locate a list of potential mail servers. If a DNS server is specified in the Optional DNS override server (for MX records) section under Server Settings, ipMonitor connects to this DNS server to retrieve MX record information for the recipient domain.

If you do not specify a server in Server Settings, ipMonitor uses the DNS servers configured for the ipMonitor server network connection. When the MX records are retrieved, ipMonitor attempts to connect to each listed server listed in order of MX preference. The relay procedure finishes with a successful transmission to a potential relay server or exhausts the MX records and fails to relay the message.