Documentation forSolarWinds Identity Monitor

About SolarWinds Identity Monitor

SolarWinds Identity Monitor is a web-based application solution that provides the tools you need to protect against and proactively monitor account takeover (ATO) attacks on exposed employee or consumer accounts.

Use Identity Monitor to monitor company domains, personal email addresses - such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail - and IP addresses for exposure in data breach events. This can be helpful in identifying potent fraudulent activity or preventing account takeovers.

Identity Monitor focuses on tracking assets that have potentially been leaked on the web "black market" which contain user credentials (email / usernames and passwords), or enriched personally identifiable information (PII).

SolarWinds Identity Monitor does not monitor lists of email accounts commonly used by spammers, or marketing databases, if they do not contains passwords or PII.

All monitoring processes are managed through the web application. After you have setup your account, you can configure Identity Monitor to monitor and alert you to specific exposure events.

Key Features

Identity Monitor provides the following features for monitoring and responding to ATO attacks.

  • Receive regular breach exposure reports for configured website domains, email address, and other monitored information.
  • Configure your account to receive alerts when corporate employee accounts have been exposed in data breach events.

Get Started with SolarWinds Identity Monitor

For information about subscribing to and logging in to your Identity Monitor portal, see the Identity Monitor Installation Guide.

Limited access to the features of Identity Monitor are available during the evaluation period, with some limitation. You must subscribe to a Identity Monitor plan to continue accessing with full features.

If you are new to Identity Monitor, see the Identity Monitor Getting Started Guide. This guide walks you through common configuration tasks to being using Identity Monitor.