Documentation forDameware Remote & Mini Remote Control

Limitations to Internet Sessions in Dameware

While an Internet Session uses the Dameware Mini Remote Control agent, due to bandwidth constraints, it cannot use all of the features provided with the agent.

You cannot connect to a Dameware Mini Remote Control client agent that is connected to the Internet through a proxy.

The following is a list of frequently used Dameware Mini Remote Control features that you cannot use in an Internet Session.

  • Technician credentials/authentication
  • Simple File Transfer
  • Alternative connection protocols (RDP, VNC, AMT KVM)
  • Ping
  • Install, upgrade, or downgrade the MRC client agent
  • Lock Remote Keyboard and Mouse
  • Wake on LAN
  • Smart card authentication

The following table lists Dameware Mini Remote Control agent features supported during Internet Sessions.

Tab Setting


You cannot connect to a client agent when a Proprietary/Challenge Response connection includes a Shared Secret.

Absolute Timeout  
Additional Settings

Show Tray Icon.

If disabled, a user cannot manually join a session.

Only Allow Connection When at the Logon Desktop Enabling this setting prevents Internet Session connections.
Notify Dialog Notify on Connection.
Notify Dialog Timeout  
Play Sound on Notify  
Notify on Disconnection  
Notify Dialog Caption  
Notify Dialog Text 1  
Notify Dialog Text 2 - Remote Control