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Troubleshoot Dameware issues by tracking configuration changes to host machines

This topic applies to Remote Support.

You can use the Dameware Exporter module of the Dameware Remote Support application to export configurations of host systems. The exported file lists all software versions and upgrades deployed on selected machines. If you periodically export configurations, then you can use the results for correlation purposes, and track changes to host machines over time.

For example, if a user complains of performance issues with their machine, you can use the exported data to quickly identify if new versions of software or configuration changes are causing the issue.

  1. Launch the Dameware Remote Support application.
  2. Click File > Export, and use your Dameware Remote Support credentials to log in to the Dameware Exporter.
  3. In the Task List, select the properties you want to export.

  4. Click Start Exporting.

    The Information panel at the bottom of the window provides a status of the export job.

  5. When the export is complete, click Open Export Output Folder(s) to view the results.

Beyond getting started

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