Remove corrupted inheritance

Background / Value

Broken ACLs (Access Control Lists) interfere with NTFS inheritances on file servers. As a consequence the sub-directory will not inherit the correct permissions, despite this feature being activated. ARM displays "Broken ACLs" and removes them by reapplying the inheritance.


Related features

Identify corrupted inheritance (web client)


Step-by-step process

  1. Select "Resources".
  2. Expand the frame.


  1. ARM lists all subdirectories with deviating permissions.
  2. The yellow lock indicates a corrupted inheritance.

Use the sort function in the "Inheritance" column for long lists.


  1. Select an entry.
  2. ARM shows you in all details which permissions are different compared to the parent directory.


  1. Select the subdirectory where you want to correct the corrupted inheritance.
  2. or 3. Click "Change Inheritance".


  1. Enable inheritance.
  2. Enforce inheritance for all subdirectories.
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  4. Start the execution.