Load additional LDAP attributes

This chapter details integrating additional Active Directory LDAP attributes into ARM that are not loaded by default.


In the ARM configuration application under change configuration > Active Directory you find all the attributes for users, groups and computers that are already loaded.


To add further attributes the pnServer.config.xml configuration file has to be edited. The file is located under:




The following example loads the additional attributes employeetype and wWWHomePage:



<PropertiesToLoad type="System.String">employeetype;wWWHomePage</PropertiesToLoad>



<AliasDisplayName type="System.String">Job Category</AliasDisplayName>



<AliasDisplayName type="System.String">Website</AliasDisplayName>






Identify the correct attribute names with the help of the Active Directory Users and Computers console.
Enable "Advanced Features".


Under the tab "Attribute Editor" you will find the attribute names that must be used. You can only add attributes of the type string.


After saving the changes of the pnServer.config.xml file the ARM service must be restarted. The next AD scan will include the additional attributes.


To use the additional LDAP attributes within ARM you must set them to available.