Documentation forServer & Application Monitor

Introduction to SolarWinds SAM

SolarWinds SAM gives you the tools to monitor your servers and applications through a single web console. It provides custom collections of templates, application monitors, and alerts to intelligently monitor application status and issues. Monitor over 200 application types including application servers, authentication servers, database servers, and more.

With SAM, you can monitor public, private, and hybrid environments in a variety of ways, including:

  • AppStack: Use interactive visual mapping to gain an in-depth perspective through the entire environment to help identify the root cause of performance and availability issues.
  • AppInsight applications: Monitor Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, IIS, and SQL servers and display metrics, status, and issues to manage and maintain applications and servers.
  • Application monitor templates: Combine process monitors, port availability, and performance counters to assess the status of every aspect of an application, including overall health.
  • Cloud monitoring: Gain visibility into cloud environments through the Orion Web Console.
  • Application dependencies: Detect how applications and nodes interact to ensure important data for key applications is monitored.

To expand SAM's monitoring capabilities, integrate it with other Orion Platform products. For example, add response-time analysis to see the root cause of application issues with the Application Performance Optimization Pack. By bundling Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) with SAM, you can use historic analysis and dynamic baselines to spot SQL tuning problems.

You can also combine SAM and Web Performance Monitor (WPM) to find and fix both web and Software-as-a-Service application performance issues before users are affected.

New to SAM? After installing SAM, see the SAM Getting Started Guide.