Documentation forOrion Platform

Troubleshoot an Orion Platform product installation

If you receive errors after you run the Orion Installer, try the following:

  • If you experience issues and are not on the latest product versions, SolarWinds recommends upgrading all products to the latest versions.

  • Check our Success Center for troubleshooting. SolarWinds recommends searching the name of the product, the version number, any error codes or messages displayed, and the general issue you found.

  • Check your Customer Portal for any new hotfixes.

  • If you receive (500) internal server error after an upgrade, use the Orion permission checker to make sure your Group Policy is not locked. See this article for details.

  • If your views are not loaded when you first open the Orion Web Console, run the Configuration wizard again.

If you need additional help with an issue, contact Support. We recommend gathering diagnostics, a screenshot of the issue, and any error codes you receive. Attach and add this information to your ticket. You might also want to gather additional diagnostics on your additional polling engines and additional web servers.