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Add content to a web-based report in the Orion Platform

This topic applies to all Orion Platform products except for the following products:


You can include any Orion Web Console widget, including charts and graphs, in a report.

The following procedure assumes you are already creating or editing a report in the Orion Web Console.

Resources can be dragged between columns and sections.

  1. On the Layout Builder page, click Add Content in the column to which you want to add a new widget, or resource.
  2. Use the Group by field to filter the available resources or search for a specific widget.

    The Classic category grouping provides the most comprehensive list of available widgets.

  3. Select the widget from the list in the main pane.

    If you are an advanced user and want to add a Custom Chart or Table, see Add a custom chart or table to a web-based report in the Orion Platform.

  4. Click Select and Continue.
  5. If the widget requires you to select specific objects:
    1. Select the required objects from the left pane.
    2. Click Add to Layout.
  6. You can edit the widget if you want to change the title or subtitle.

  7. If you want to add another row to your report, click Add section. You can now add content to this row as described above.