SQL - ADO User Experience Monitor

The SQL - ADO User Experience monitor monitors an SQL database server or another supported data source from the end-user perspective to:

  • Test login ability
  • Perform a query
  • Retrieve data
  • Analyze results for correctness

The SQL - ADO wizard helps you configure a monitor with the least amount of initial input by automatically creating the SQL statement using the information you provide. It tests the parameters you enter along the way to make sure that the monitor will work as expected before you transition to a production environment.

If you prefer additional control over the process, you can clone an existing ADO Monitor and apply any required configuration changes.

The ADO - User Experience monitor requires MDAC 2.6 or later installed on the ipMonitor host computer. MDAC 2.5 and earlier do not support Named Instances, which are used when more than one instance of SQL Server is running on a machine.

Test results

The test results include rows dll, which displays the total number of rows returned to the monitor for analysis.