NNTP monitor

The Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) monitor verifies that a news server can accept incoming sessions, as well as its level of responsiveness.

NNTP servers are used for the distribution, inquiry, retrieval, and posting of news articles. News articles are stored in a central database, allowing subscribers to select only those items they wish to read, and include the ability to index, cross-reference and expire messages.

The NNTP monitor performs the following steps:

  1. Opens a connection to the specified NNTP server and waits for the service to respond
  2. Considers the test successful if a valid Server Ready connection code is returned within the specified Maximum Test Duration
  3. Safely disconnects from the server upon receipt of the Server Ready code. The NNTP server then sends a code indicating that it is disconnecting the socket
  4. Considers the test to have failed if the NNTP server fails to respond or responds with an error code indicating that the service is not available

Use the NNTP monitor to test the following:

  • An NNTP client can open a connection with an NNTP server.
  • The server adheres to the NNTP protocol by responding with the correct codes.
  • The server responds within a required number of seconds.