Memory Usage monitor

The Memory Usage monitor uses a local API call or SNMP communication to test the amount of physical memory (RAM) available on:

  • The local machine
  • A remote SNMP-enabled computer running a supported Microsoft Windows operating system
  • A remote SNMP-enabled computer running a Unix-based operating system such as Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and so on
  • An SNMP-enabled device

The monitor effectively ensures that:

  • Memory leaks are detected before performance is affected.
  • The minimum amount of physical memory required by the system remains available.
  • The total amount of physical memory allotted to the server is not exceeded.

The Memory Usage monitor wizard help you configure a Memory Usage monitor with the least amount of initial input by testing all the parameters you enter along the way to make sure the monitor operates as expected in a production environment. If you prefer greater control over the process, clone an existing Memory Usage monitor and make any required configuration changes.

Test results

Test Result Description
Avail Indicates the amount of physical memory available on the system in megabytes (MB) and percentage (%).
avail-avg indicates the average amount of physical memory on the system based on the tests performed during the length of time specified in the Sample Size field.