IMAP4 User Experience Monitor

The IMAP4 User Experience monitor verifies that the SMTP server can receive and distribute email, and ensure that your end users can log in from an IMAP4-enabled email client and manage their email.

The monitor uses the following process to simulate an email round trip and measure the time required for a series of transactions to occur:

  1. Connects to port 25 on the SMTP server for the recipient address you specify to deliver an email.
  2. Logs in to the IMAP4 mail server and selects the INBOX.
  3. Searches for the test email it sent and flags it for deletion.
  4. Sends a LOGOUT command.

If the SMTP mail server or IMAP4 server fails to respond, or responds with an error code at any time, ipMonitor considers the test to have failed.

Use the IMAP4 - User Experience Monitor to verify that:

  • The SMTP mail server can accept and distribute email
  • The IMAP4 mail server can authenticate users
  • The IMAP4 server can respond correctly to IMAP4 commands
  • The server responds within a required number of seconds

ipMonitor uses a message with a special subject line to test the IMAP4 mail server send and receive functionality, similar to: Subject: ipm8:imap4:guid:441991169.