Finger monitor

The Finger monitor is used to test a remote user information program (RUIP) host for availability and level of responsiveness.

The Finger protocol provides an interface to an RUIP by taking an email address as input and returning information—for example, the user is currently logged on.

The Finger monitor performs the following steps:

  • Connects to the service, performs a blind query (CRLF) and waits for a response
  • Considers the test successful if a valid response is returned within the specified Maximum Test Duration
  • Safely disconnects from the server upon receipt of the opening message
  • Considers the test to have failed if the Finger server fails to respond or responds with an error code indicating that the service is not available

Use the Finger monitor to test the following:

  • A Finger client can open a connection with a Finger server
  • The server adheres to the Finger protocol by responding with the correct codes
  • The server responds within the required number of seconds