Configure the Import settings

The System Settings page includes an Import Settings option that allows you to import XML content, monitors, groups, alerts, maintenance schedules, and report configurations into ipMonitor using an XML file.

To configure these settings, click the Configuration tab > System Settings > Import Settings and select the events you want to monitor. All selected settings are the default settings.

Areas to Import

Select these options to import monitors, groups, alerts, and other configuration settings in XML format. Select all items that are included in the imported XML file.

XML to Import

Select the data source and XML file name for your import.

Data Source

Click the drop-down arrow and select an option.

Upload Local File

Select this option to upload a properly formatted XML file directly into your installation.

Enter the path and file name manually in the XML File Name edit box, or click Browse to locate the targeted file and populate this field. When you are finished, click Import.

Cut and Paste XML

Select this option to paste a section of formatted XML text and import it directly in your installation without the need to create or locate a file. Using this option, you can make last-minute changes to your XML configuration before the import process.

Paste the formatted XML text into the XML Text edit box, and then make any last-minute editing changes to the text as needed. Click the blue arrow to expand the field and encompass the full length of the text. When you are finished, click Import.