Register multiple database instances

If you are monitoring a large number of database instances, use the DPA mass registration feature to quickly register multiple databases.

You can also use a wizard to register a single database instance, or you can register database instances using scripts that call the DPA API.

Complete the following steps to download a predefined template and enter the required information for all database instances.

  1. On the DPA menu, click Options.

  2. Under Monitor Setup > Database Instances, click Mass registration.
  3. In the Choose a Database Type drop-down, select one of the following:

    • To register different types of database instances, select All database types.
    • To register Azure SQL Managed Instances (ASMIs), select All database types.
    • To register database instances that are the same type but not ASMI (for example, all Oracle or all SQL Server), select the database type.

  4. Specify whether you want to edit and save the template on the DPA server or on your local computer.

    Based on your selections, instructions are displayed in the right pane.

  5. Under How to, click the template link to download the registration file template for the selected database type.

    Or, for Azure SQL database instances, click the link to instructions for auto-generating the registration file.

  6. Edit the file to add information about each database instance:
    • Click the required information link in the How to section for information about what to enter in each column.
    • Do not edit the header row.
    OracleIf you are registering multiple nodes in an Oracle RAC, manually create the monitoring user before you run mass registration. Enter N in the Create Monitoring User column of the mass registration template, and specify the manually created user for all nodes in the RAC.

    Manually create the DPA monitoring user before you run mass registration, and enter N in the Create Monitoring User column.

  7. Save the file in .csv format.

    If you selected From DPA server, the file must be saved in the following location:


    Depending on the database type, it must have one of the following file names:

    • massreg_mixed.csv
    • massreg_oracle.csv
    • massreg_sql_server.csv
    • massreg_azure_sql_database.csv
    • massreg_mysql.csv
  8. If you selected From local computer, click the Choose File button and select the file you saved.
  9. Click Load Registration File.

If you register a database instance within the 14-day trial period, DPA begins monitoring the instance immediately. After the trial period, you must activate a license to monitor the database instance.