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.NET Agent

.NET Framework Agent

The .NET framework agent provides automatic tracing and metrics for .NET-based applications from .NET Framework versions 2.0 to 4.8, both running in IIS and standalone WCF.

Get started

Please check that your platform and application components are supported.

To get up and running with the .NET Framework APM, download and install the AppOptics .NET Agent. After that, a restart of IIS will load the agent and automatically begin reporting data.


The .NET Core SDK provides an ASP.NET Core middleware and a custom instrumentation API to add tracing and metrics for .NET Core Windows applications. Adding the AppOptics.Instrumentation ASP.NET Core middleware to your ASP.NET Core application will add automatic metric reporting and starting of traces.

Get started

To use the .NET Core ASP.NET Core Middleware and SDK, add a reference to the AppOptics.Instrumentation nuget package. For ASP.NET Core applications it is also recommended to add the AppOptics.Instrumentation middleware to your application.

Custom instrumentation

Both the .NET Framework agent and .NET Core SDK provide a custom instrumentation API. Custom instrumentation can be used to get extra application-specific visibility in AppOptics, both adding custom spans for distributed tracing and adding custom timers/counters for metric reporting and alerting.