Modify templates, application monitors, and component monitors in SAM

Through the Manage Application Templates page, you can modify default templates and create new templates that consist of one or more application or component monitors. To see a list of the monitors in a template, select the template on the Manage Application Monitor Templates page and click Edit.

For a list of templates included with SAM, see the SAM Template Reference.

You can edit monitors individually, edit multiple monitors of the same type simultaneously, as well as disable or delete monitors in a template. To modify the specific configuration of a monitor, edit it individually.

You may need to log in with an administrator account to perform these actions.

Multi-edit components

You can simultaneously edit multiple component monitors within a template. You can select multiple monitors using the checkboxes to modify, without needing to be of the same type. To reorder the monitors, drag and drop them in the table view. You can perform the following types of multi-edit options:

  • Multi-Edit: A prompt displays with editing options specific to the type of monitors selected. For example, the Fetching Method for the three Services selected can be changed from RPC to WMI.

    Different types of monitors have different options available for editing.

  • Assign Credentials: Modify the credentials as needed for the selected monitors.
  • Test: Run a communication test on the monitors using agent or agentless communication as configured.
  • Set Test Node: Modify the test node for communication tests.
  • Disable/Enable: Start and stop polling for the monitor.
  • Delete: Permanently removes the monitor.

When editing a template, the green arrows to the right of each component monitor, highlighted below, lets you to change the order of each monitor. This new order is respected only on the All Applications widget and the Application Details widget.

Delete or disable a monitor

You can disable or delete application monitors as needed. When you disable, the monitor remains in the SAM without communicating and collecting data. You can disable one or monitors.

  • If you want to stop all monitoring using the monitor, click Disable.
  • If you want to monitor using the monitor again, select and click Enable.

If you no longer want the monitor in the template, you can delete to permanently remove it from SAM.

  1. When editing a template, select the monitor you want to remove.
  2. Confirm by clicking Yes. The monitor is permanently removed from the template.