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Hardware health monitoring for VMware in SAM

Hardware health monitoring is automatically enabled for VMware ESX and ESXi servers, using the CIM protocol via port 5989 , after you add ESX/ESXi hosts to the Orion Platform. If installing Hardware Monitoring Agent software on a VMware host, hardware information is detected by SAM and the check box to monitor Hardware Health of Servers is displayed, even where hardware information might already be collected via the vCenter using the VMware API. When this option is displayed for a VMware host, checking it does not change the hardware polling method when Poll for VMware is also selected.

If you are polling your hosts though the vCenter, you will not see the hardware option listed when you click List Resources as these nodes tend to be ICMP. This information is automatically collected by SAM, when available, through the VMware API. You need to ensure you have the vCenter Hardware Status plug-in enabled on your V-Center for this information to be available through the VMware API, as shown below:

Port 5989 must be opened when polling VMware servers using the CIM protocol.

When you run a scheduled Discovery of existing servers, SAM automatically collects data for any servers that support hardware health monitoring.

SAM also supports hardware health monitoring for Nutanix clusters, including child Hyper-V and VMware nodes.