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Monitor with AppInsight for IIS

AppInsight for IIS is an AppInsight application in SAM that you can use to monitor your IIS environment to identify IIS server, website, and application pool performance issues. The dashboard provides ease of monitoring with at-a-glance performance metrics for sites and applications pools, updated through access to the IIS. As sites and application pools change through the IIS Manager, the information and connections update in SAM. As you find and fix issues, stop or restart servers and pools as required.

To start using AppInsight for IIS, review the following topics:

When finished with configuration, see Alerts and reports for AppInsight for IIS.

Here are some tips for using AppInsight for IIS:

  • For advanced managing of IIS sites, disable sites when unused instead of deleting them.
  • To reduce alert noise, disable any alerts associated with those disabled sites.
  • Enable sites anytime you need them through the Site Details pages in AppInsight for IIS. This option and others are available in the Management widget per ISS server, site, and application pool.
  • Use SolarWinds AppOptics to get advanced performance metrics from IIS nodes. See Integrate SolarWinds AppOptics with IIS nodes in SAM.
  • Four AppInsight for IIS reports are available:
    • IIS SSL Certificate Expiration Report
    • Site Connections Report
    • Site Log Size by File
    • Site Size by File

To learn more about AppInsight for IIS, see:

Navigate to the AppInsight for IIS Details view

Access AppInsight for IIS metrics through the All Applications widget in the SAM Summary page.

To access the AppInsight for IIS Details view:

  1. Click My Dashboards > SAM Summary.
  2. Locate the All Applications widget and expand the AppInsight for IIS tree by clicking [+].
  3. Click an IIS application to view it.

The Sites widget lists the sites (both front and backend) for the IIS server. Click a site to view more details such as response time, connections, and requests.

The Application Pools widget lists up to 5 instances of IIS application pools. You can use application pools to separate out applications from one another. If an issue occurs with an application, it may only affect other applications in the pool, not all applications in your environment.

Click a pool to view additional worker process details.

To view the Performance Counter Details view, click a performance monitor in any widget.