Monitor with AppInsight applications

SolarWinds SAM's AppInsight applications provide a level of detail and expert knowledge far beyond what a simple template can provide. You can monitor virtually every aspect of key business tools, including Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, IIS, and SQL, by getting relevant performance information from the server level, as well as drilling down into the data store layer for performance data.

AppInsight applications are considered templates until they're assigned to nodes during Discovery or via the Manage Application Monitor Template page. After being applied to nodes, AppInsight templates become monitored as applications. To learn more, see The template and application relationship.

AppInsight templates include several component monitors with default settings that cannot be modified due to dependencies. Also, you cannot add component monitors to AppInsight templates.

SAM offers the following AppInsight applications:

To learn how AppInsight applications consume licenses in environments with component-based licenses, see the SAM licensing model.

To learn more about AppInsight applications, check out these videos: