Enable Hardware Health monitoring for nodes in SAM

When you add nodes during Discovery, hardware health sensors are automatically enabled for devices that meet SAM's Hardware Health monitoring requirements and polling begins. Additional places where you can enable Hardware Health monitoring include:

  • The Add Node wizard
  • The Node Details page.

Enable Hardware Health monitoring from the Add Node Wizard

When selecting resources for monitoring a node in the Add Node wizard, select the Hardware Health Sensors box to enable Hardware Health monitoring.

Enable Hardware Health monitoring for an individual node

  1. Click My Dashboards > Home.
  2. In the All Nodes widget, click the node you want to monitor.
  3. Click List Resources.

  4. Select Hardware Health Sensors, and click Submit.

To disable hardware monitoring, navigate back to this screen and uncheck Hardware Health of Servers, then click Submit.

For information on troubleshooting Hardware Health polling, see Troubleshooting Hardware Health.