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Microsoft 365 Teams API poller template

Use this SAM template to monitor web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android Phone user activity and device usage statistics for Microsoft 365 Teams.


  • Configured OAuth 2.0 Azure credentials with the following scope:
  • Credentials have the following Microsoft Graph permission: Reports.Read.All.


  • Default thresholds are not set for this template.
  • Data is polled once per day.
  • This template is based on the Microsoft Graph API reference (© 2020 Microsoft Corp., available at, obtained on August 21, 2020).
  • Here is an API request example:'D7')?$format=application/json

Available metric

  • Web Usage - User Count
  • Mac Usage - User Count
  • Windows Usage - User Count
  • iOS Usage - User Count
  • Windows Phone Usage - User Count
  • Android Phone Usage - User Count