Documentation forServer & Application Monitor

Edit API pollers in SAM

To edit an API poller:

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > Manage API Pollers.
  2. On the Manage API Pollers page, select the API poller, and then click Edit.
  3. Use the following editing tools to modify the API poller:
    • Click the Edit () icon at the top of the page to change the API poller name.
    • Click Configure to change the Name, Description, SSL option, Authorization type, or credentials.

    • Click Options () to duplicate a request (for example, if chaining multiple requests), change the order of requests displayed on the page, or delete a request.
    • Click Expand () or Collapse () to adjust the amount of details displayed for a request.
    • For individual metrics, click Edit () or Delete ().
  4. Click Save.

On the Manage API Pollers page, you can also reassign API pollers to a different node.