Documentation forNetwork Configuration Manager

Upload a network config

The Upload Config widget allows you to upload a configuration file you have previously downloaded from this node to NCM.

This widget helps you easily correct unauthorized or incorrect changes made to a device configuration. You can also write the uploaded configuration to NVRAM, essentially making it the startup configuration for the device.

In the case of a multi-node upload/download operation, the Simultaneous Downloads/Uploads setting can be used as a throttle. By default it runs 25 sessions simultaneously.

For IPv6, you can rediscover devices that were previously discovered with the engine using IPv4. You can do inventories for devices already discovered with IPv4 or rediscovered with IPv6. Otherwise, new IPv6 addresses can be added to NCM, though IPv6 addresses cannot be communicated with through SNMP. You can execute scripts, upload, and download configuration files on IPv6 addresses. Telnet and SSH communications are supported.

If you selected a binary configuration for upload, editing of the configuration is not an option from the Upload Config screen. Instead you will see the Binary Config notation in the editing pane.

Upload a config to one or more nodes

  1. Click My Dashboards > Network Configuration > Configuration Management.
  2. If you do not have administrator privileges you might not be able to see some nodes. Your account must be a member of the WebUploader group to upload configs.

  3. Select one or more nodes, and click Upload.
  4. Expand the tree to locate the correct node.
  5. Select the config you want to upload.
  6. Click Advanced and select options, if desired.
  7. Click Upload.