Documentation forNetwork Configuration Manager

Specify Config Settings for NCM

Use the Config Settings page to specify how NCM manages your device configurations.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings.
  2. Under Product Specific Settings, click NCM Settings.
  3. Under Config Settings, click Config Settings.
  4. Adjust any of the values described below.
  5. Click Submit.

Config Transfer

Simultaneous Downloads/Uploads Use this setting to throttle the load that a big job could put on the network. By default, this value is set to 25 download/upload sessions.
SNMP Config Transfer Timeout Specify the maximum amount of time before an SNMP configuration file transfer times out.
Config Min Length

Specify the minimum number of lines that a configuration file must contain to be recognized by NCM as valid for download.

By default, NCM does not upload or download any configuration file with fewer than 11 lines. Change this default value if you plan to work with configuration files that have fewer lines.

Config Comparisons

Adjust these settings to change how the Compare Configs Of Selected Nodes displays comparisons when you manually compare configurations.

Comparison Output Width If a line in a configuration is longer than 250 characters, increase this value to prevent the line from being truncated on the Compare Configs page.
Display the full side-by-side comparison

Specify this option to display all config lines, both changed and unchanged.

Selecting this option increases load times for large configs.

Display the number of lines

Select this option to display only changed lines and the specified number of unchanged lines before and after each change. You can specify from 0 to 100 unchanged lines. The default is 5.

This option is selected by default. With this option, config changes are easier to identify and large configs load more quickly.

Config Archive

To enable archiving, select Save a copy of each config into the archive directory, as it is downloaded.

To save space on your storage target, and if you only need the immediately past version in addition to the current config, select When configs are edited, only retain the last version.

By default, NCM sets the directory for your Config Archive as C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\NCM\Config-Archive. As preparation for a growing archive, SolarWinds recommends that you move the Config Archive from this location. You can enter a local directory or network share for the Config Archive.

If you want to store your Config Archive on a network share instead of a local directory on the NCM server, you must set up custom credentials that give NCM write access. To do that, open NCM Advanced Settings (Settings > NCM Settings > Advanced Settings), select Use custom credentials to give NCM write access, provide a valid user name and password, and click Validate Credentials to verify your entries.

Modify the template for saving new config files or accept the default: