Documentation forNetwork Configuration Manager

Configuration Management – Transfer Status

Provides the most recent actions taken on a node.

Click Fix Connection in Device Template in Suggested Action to open the Device Template Wizard. This helps you establish connectivity with the device in preparation for rerunning a failed download or upload operation.

This Transfer Status page automatically refreshes and also provides a full historical view of actions completed.

The status of an ongoing download, upload, or script execution is available here. For example, if you execute a sh ver command in a script against a node, and then execute a script that changes the banner, only the banner change script results will be available on this page.

Each node can have 3 different entries on this page:

  • The latest script execution and the results
  • The latest upload success or failure
  • The latest download success or failure

You can disable the automatic refresh by clearing Auto Refresh.

Depending on your role, you may see the transfer status of other users in this resource. Administrators see the transfer status of all users.