Documentation forIP Address Manager

Request an IP address using the IPAM iprequest account

The iprequest account (username iprequest, password iprequest) can be safely given to users who need to be able to request ip addresses but are not allowed access to the SolarWinds Orion Web Console and Orion products. It only allows access to the IP Address Request page.

To request IP Addresses:

  1. Log into the SolarWinds Web Console using the iprequest user name and password.

    The IP Address Request page is displayed.

  2. Select the number of IP addresses required.
  3. (Optional) Enter any comments regarding this request.
  4. Enter contact information, and click Request Address(es).

    All fields except those marked as Optional must be completed.

  5. When the user clicks Request Address(es) the following message is displayed:

    An alert is created, and displayed on the All Active Alerts page in the Orion Web Console. For information on processing the request, see Process IP request alerts.