Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Configure AD scans

You can edit the name of the AD scan configuration.


After clicking on the time symbol or the link in the text, you can schedule the execution of the AD scan. You can also disable scheduled execution.

An AD scan causes only a low load. Select the time so that further resource scans are started at the same time if possible.


Specify the credentials that will be used to perform the AD scan.

Follow our recommendation for using service accounts.


Determine which collector performs the scan.

You can select several collectors. ARM then automatically decides which collector will run the scan based on CPU load and memory usage.


You can configure the number of parallel requests. The more parallel requests the faster the scan (non-linear) and the higher the CPU load.

Possible values are 1 (no parallel requests) to 128.


Specify for which Active Directory object classes the permissions are read.

This option is useful if you are working with delegation in AD.