ARM Getting Started Guide

This guide picks up right after the ARM installation process and walks you through some initial basic configuration, how to activate your license, and how to log in and start using ARM.

This Guide is also available in PDF format.

Who this guide is for

New Users Existing Users
This guide is meant for new users and is the best place to start with ARM.

Existing users can find more advanced information in the ARM Administrator's Guide.


Getting started checklist

Install Access Rights Manager - If you haven't yet installed Access Rights Manager, see the Installation Guide.

Basic configuration - Start and log in to the ARM Configuration application to perform some preliminary configuration steps.

Activate your Access Rights Manager license - After completing the basic configuration, activate ARM with a trial or full version license.

Start and log in to Access Rights Manager - After ARM has been activated, you can log in to the ARM front-end GUI.

Add an Active Directory scan - Use the configuration GUI to set up your first Active Directory scan.

Add a file system scan - Use the configuration GUI to set up your first file system scan.