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Networked devices

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The All Networked Devices Index page provides a list of devices connected to your network. It can include anything from servers, to switches, to routers, and more.

The information on this page was collected via the Discovery Agent, imported via .csv file, or entered manually.


Assets > Networked Devices.

Networked Devices index page

The Networked Devices index page is fully customizable. See List view for more information.

If you change the Device Type to computer, the device will be redirected to the Computers index page. Some information may be lost, and the transfer is irreversible.

From the index page you can:

  • View a consolidated list of all scanned networked devices.

  • Expand each column to view additional details.

  • Edit the contents of the index page by clicking Edit View in the upper left corner.

  • See and edit the details of a record by clicking the blue record name hyperlink from the Name column.

  • Delete a record by hovering over the Actions column (the last column) and selecting the Delete icon.

  • Hide a record by hovering over the Actions column (the last column) and selecting Hide . The device will only be visible from the list of hidden devices, and the information pulled by the Discovery Agent will no longer be accessible. To view the details from the Agent, you can unhide the device by hovering in the Actions column and clicking Unhide.

    You do not incur any fees on devices in the Hidden Devices index page.
  • Change a device type for a specific record:

    1. Locate the record name in the Device Type column.
    2. Click the down arrow next to the record name.
    3. Select the new device type from the dropdown.

Troubleshooting: Which index page an item will appear on

If you are expecting an item to appear on an index page but it is not there, be aware of the following:

  • Devices identified as with a device type as Computer will only appear on the Computers index page; they will NOT appear on the Networked Devices index page.

  • If you are looking for a computer, but it does not display on the Computers index page:

    • Look at the Networked Devices index page because the device type might not be set to Computer. If that is the case, you can assign the device as a Computer to permanently reroute it to the Computers index page.

    • Look at the hidden devices on the All Networked Devices index page.

After you label a device type as Computer, it is permanently rerouted to the Computers index page. You cannot return the device to the All Networked Devices index page. It is important to make sure prior to selecting a new device type that your selection is the right choice for your asset management.

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