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This document contains information regarding credentials used in SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) subnet and router scans. For integration scans, such as SCCM, vCenter, AWS, or SolarWinds Platform, see Connections.

SolarWinds recommends the use of credentials. When you don't use credentials, the quality of the information you receive from a scan is dependent on what is available with no credentials. For example, if there’s no unique identifier the device could be dropped.


Setup > Discovery & Assets > Credentials.

Credential storage for Discovery connections

Credentials are not auto-populated; you must manually enter the information you would like to be used for Discovery. 

All Credentials index page

To see at list of all credentials, navigate to Setup > Discovery & Assets > Credentials.

From the All Credentials index page, you can add a new credential or edit an existing one.

The table below explains the columns on the All Credentials index page.




It is important to select a meaningful name that assists you in defining your environment. 

Click on the name to modify and add a description. You can also update the credentials here. The required details are dependent on the Credential Type. 

  • SNMPv3 requires a Username, Authentication Protocol, Authentication Key, Privacy Protocol, and Privacy Key

  • SSH Password only requires a Username and Password. 


Describes the # of Subnets and the # of Network Devices associated to each subnet.


The selected type of the created credential. 


Provides the date and time of the last change.


When hovering over the row, a trash bin displays. You may delete the credential as long as it is not currently in use. 

You can customize the All Credentials index page to a view that best meets your needs. See List view for more information.

Add a new credential

  1. From the All Credentials index page, click the Add icon and select the credential type from the dropdown menu.

  2. Provide the necessary information, and click Create in the upper right corner.

Credentials are not used unless they are associated with a connection.

Delete a credential

If you elect to delete a credential, note that credentials can only be deleted when not in use. 

Scanning without credentials

The amount of information gathered without the use of credentials is limited. The information gathered without credentials includes:

  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • Operating system
  • Host name
  • Open ports (services)

Scanning with credentials

To obtain the most information, you must include credentials to allow the scanner access to the connected devices. The table below lists the credentials that require access to the scanned asset.

Credential Destination port
SNMP UDP port 161
SSH TCP port 22
WMI TCP port 135

The table below provides a detailed description of what is supported along with the network information you need to provide for maximum asset information.

Credential type Network information needed
SNMP Credentials V3

When you select V2, you must include the Name and Community string. 
SNMPv3 requires further details. With this selection you will provide a Name*, Description, Username*, Authentication Protocol, Authentication Key*, Privacy Protocol, and Privacy Key*.

SSH Credentials Key When you select this credential type you must provide Name*, Description, Username*, and SSH Private Key* to receive greater visibility into the subnet.
SSH Credentials (username and password) When you select this credential type you must provide Name*, Description, Username*, and Password*
* Reflects required fields

Although it is not mandatory, SolarWinds highly recommends providing a description so you can better understand your network.

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