Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk

Business Hours

Business hours in your SWSD are based on the hours in which you offer support to your end-users. You can scope your Service Level Management Rules and reports around business hours as well. 

To define your organizational hours of operation, hover over the icon, select Setup, navigate to Account and select Business Hours.

Business Hours Records

Business hour records need to be defined per site. If all of your sites provide the same support hours, you can rely on one set of default Business Hours.  If your support hours vary per site, a unique business hour record must be created per site. Click on and add the name and description of the site:

For example: U.S. Business Hours, APAC Business Hours, EMEA Business Hours etc. 

Notice the image below. When you hover over the row of any given day of the week, you will see arrows where you can define the specific hours of operation per day, per site. 

Scheduled Time Off

We provide the ability to manually define days where business hours are not in effect, for example:

  • Holidays

  • Company off-site days

  • Election days

You can also import  predefined holiday calendars from the dropdown menu. 

Make sure to deselect holidays that are not relevant to your organization!

To proceed with setup of your SWSD, click here for information on Single Sign_On