Documentation forServ-U File Server

Folder Shortcuts

Folder Shortcuts allow you to specify easily accessible special folders. These folders appear as "root" folders when connected to a site. The Folder Shortcuts pane consists of two main sections:

Folder Shortcut buttons The Folder Shortcut buttons are used to manage the Folder Shortcut Listing. The buttons are described below:
New Click to create a Folder Shortcut using the Folder Shortcuts Dialog.
Please see the Folder Shortcuts Dialog for more information pertaining to the creation of a Folder Shortcut.
Delete Deletes the currently selected folder shortcut.
Move Up Moves the currently selected folder shortcut up the list.
Move Down Moves the currently selected folder shortcut down the list.
Folder Shortcut Listing The listing is located beneath the bar and contains all the Folder Shortcuts that have been defined for this site profile. You may rearrange the order of this list which is reflected in the "root" item when a Remote Browser is created.