Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Synthetic Probes Settings

Synthetic probes are servers that collect website data from entities within a region, country, or city based on your website data settings. The data received from the probes is processed and contextualized into charts, graphs, and lists, that report the state of a website for each configured entity. This information includes website health, host health, and average response time.

The probes are always active and listen for responses from entities within their geographical area. After they collect the website data, they process requests from active listeners.

The synthetic probes need access to your configured websites. To observe websites hosted on a local network, your server or site must open access to SolarWinds Observability probe server IP addresses.

View a list of probe servers

You can view a list of all current probe servers by clicking Settings > Synthetic Probes in the left pane. This page lists all available probes and their corresponding region, platform, and IP address.

Click the buttons in the toolbar to view the probes in a map view or list view. You can also export a list of probes by their 32-bit (IPv4) addresses.