Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Network widgets

Widgets contain information or status related to a specific monitored capability. Each widget shows a specific type of information collected from one or more observed entities. In the Entity Explorer, these widgets show data for the current entity shown in the entity details view. When the widget is included as part of a dashboard or area view, it could summarize the related data from multiple entities. If filters are applied or a time period is selected in the entity details view, the data in the widgets are filtered accordingly. See Entity Explorer and Entity details view.

Information on monitored network devices is divided into multiple tabs relevant for the selected entity.

  • Overview
  • Details
  • Interfaces
  • Volumes
  • Sensors
  • Alerts: The tab displays a graph of Critical, Warning, and Information alerts relevant for the selected device. Below the graph, the alerts are listed. If no alerts are available, you can click Create New Alert and create alerts relevant for the entity. See Create an alert .

The default Overview tab provides the following details:

For metrics, the information includes the current value of the selected metric and a graph showing the metric values recorded over the selected time period.

Health Score

Health Score for the network device entity is calculated using the following critical metrics:

  • CPU Load
  • Memory Usage
  • Response Time
  • Availability

Each metric has an individual threshold. When the threshold is exceeded, the overall Health Score is decreased.

Health Score Range Health Score Health Score Color
0-39 Bad Red
40-69 Moderate Yellow
70-100 Good Green

Active Alerts

Active Alerts display an overview of all unresolved alerts relevant for the network device. Click View All to go to Active Alerts list for the network device.


On the right side of the tab, you can see Details about the device, such as name, native state, vendor, IP address, and more.

Average Response Time

The Average Response Time widget shows the average amount of time in milliseconds that it takes for the network device to respond. The Average Response Time is polled by the Network Collector.

Average Packet Loss

The Average Packet Loss widget shows the average percent of the network device as a percentage. The Average Percent Loss is polled by the Network Collector.

Average CPU Utilization

The Average CPU Utilization widget shows the average CPU utilization as a percentage. The Average CPU Utilization is polled by the Network Collector.

Average Memory Utilization

The Average Memory Utilization widget shows the average memory usages of the network device as a percentage. The Average Memory Utilization is polled by the Network Collector.

Average Availability

The Average Availability widget shows the average availability of the network device as a percentage. The Response Time is polled by the Network Collector.

Topology Map

The Topology Map widget displays a map of network devices connected to the selected network device. The map shows both devices monitored by the Network Collector, and discovered entities that communicate with the selected device.

You can filter the widget to display L2, L3, or all connections.

  • Monitored network devices: For monitored devices, the map shows the device icon, the health score and the device border color reflecting the health score. Click a monitored device to display the device details in the Inspector Panel.

  • Discovered entities connected to monitored network devices: For discovered entities, the map only shows the IP address and a question mark icon. The device border has a dotted line. No additional details are available for the device, therefore the Inspector Panel is disabled.