Documentation forSolarWinds Observability


When an element is selected in a monitored element tab of the Entity Explorer details view, the widgets that fill the tabs contain information or status related to the selected element. Each widget shows a specific type of information collected from the selected element. If filters are applied or a time period is selected in the entity details view, the data in the widgets are filtered accordingly. See Entity Explorer and Entity details view.

The Sensors tab lists all sensors monitored on the selected device.

Use the search and filter options to find the sensor you are interested in and click the sensor. You will see an overview of data for the sensor and an Alerts tab with a list of unresolved alerts relevant for the selected device.

Click a sensor to display the following data:

For metrics, the information includes the current value of the selected metric and a graph showing the metric values recorded over the selected time period.

Average Sensor Value

Average Sensor Value shows the average value for a sensor, depending on the type of sensor. A power supply sensor shows average volts, and temperature sensor shows the average temperature, etc.


Details shows a brief description of the sensor.