Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Delete a network device

To remove a network device from monitoring, delete it from the Network Collector, and then delete it in SolarWinds Observability.

If you only delete the network device in SolarWinds Observability, the Network Collector continues sending the device data to SolarWinds Observability. As a result, the entity is recreated.

Task 1: Delete the network device in Network Collector

  1. Log in to the Network Collector Web Console. See Log in to the Orion Web Console.

  2. Click Settings > Manage Nodes.

  3. Select the node and click Delete.

The device is deleted in the Network Collector. No data is sent from the device to SolarWinds Observability.

Task 2: Delete the network device from SolarWinds Observability

  1. In Entity Explorer, find the network device.

  2. Click the vertical ellipsis at the end of the row, and then click Delete.

    If the device re-appears in the Entity Explorer, delete it again. This can be caused by latency, long message queues, or other connection issues.

You will not see this device in SolarWinds Observability anymore, but the historical data will be retained. Calculations using network device data won't be affected.