Documentation forWeb Performance Monitor

FIPS compliance in WPM

You can run WPM and other Orion Platform products in Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) mode to comply with computer security and interoperability standards used by non-military US government agencies and contractors. To enable FIPS on the Orion server, see Enable FIPS for Orion Platform products.

If using WPM in FIPS-enabled environments, note the following details:

  • SolarWinds recommends enabling FIPS as part of a fresh WPM deployment instead of as part of an upgrade.
  • You can enable FIPS mode on remote machines that host Web Transaction Recorders and the WPM Player service. A FIPS icon will appear at the bottom of the Web Transaction Recorder, as shown here:

    FIPS mode can impact CPU and memory usage on remote systems, which may increase the number of Down transactions.

  • The following WPM features are not currently supported in FIPS mode: 
    • Client certificate authentication: Navigation that involves certificate authentication will return Access Denied messages.
    • Save recordings to Pingdom: No Pingdom icon appears in the bottom of the recorder.
    • TCP Waterfall charts: Elements that can't be accessed during playback, such as web pages or images, return "0 ms" time data.

    • Media streaming: Connections are blocked.
    • JavaScript APIs: Connections are blocked for Web Crypto, Web Authentication, and Encrypted Media Extensions. Elements may not render properly and a message similar to the following will appear in the recorder:

If FIPS mode is enabled, consider adding wait times to steps that traverse proxy servers, to allow extra time for authentication and/or navigation.