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Upgrade from an unsupported WHD version

This section describes how to upgrade WHD from an unsupported version to a currently-supported version. After you complete this procedure, you can upgrade to the latest version.

  1. Back up your WHD server.
  2. Back up any database server associated with WHD.
  3. Check your databases.

    If you are upgrading from an embedded FrontBase database, ensure that:

    • The embedded FrontBase and PostgreSQL databases are running.
    • The embedded FrontBase database uses the whd and user whd schemas.
    • The server hosting WHD includes enough free space to support the database migration. WHD notifies you about the required space before the migration begins.
    • You have write privileges on both the FrontBase and PostgreSQL databases.
    • You right-click the installer and select Run as Administrator on a server running Windows Server 2008. Otherwise, the upgrade installation may fail. See this article for full details.

    The WHD 12.0.0 upgrade converts your embedded FrontBase database to an embedded PostgreSQL database. No additional database conversions are required.

    If you are upgrading from an external FrontBase, OpenBase, or Oracle database, you must manually migrate your data to the embedded PostgreSQL database.

    Use a migration tool that migrates your data to a supported database (such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, or SQL Server). Use caution when choosing target data types to use in one of the supported databases. If WHD does not support the data type, you may experience unexpected results when upgrading to the latest version.

    See the following articles for details:

    If you are upgrading from a MySQL or Microsoft SQL database, ensure that WHD supports your version of MySQL or Microsoft SQL Servzer. See Database requirements for specific details.

  4. Install a JDBC driver (if required).

    If you are connecting to a MySQL database (such as that used by certain asset discovery connections), manually install the MySQL JDBC driver. To ensure compliance with MySQL licensing restrictions, the MySQL JDBC driver is no longer bundled with WHD.

    You can download the JDBC driver from the MySQL Community Downloads website.

  5. Download the software installer.

    Contact Support for a copy of WHD 12.0.

  6. Stop the WHD service.

  7. Run the installer.

    1. Right-click webhelpdesk-12.x.x and select Run as Administrator.
    2. Complete the on-screen instructions.
    3. When the installation is completed, close all web browsers.
  8. Start the WHD service.