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Access the Customer Portal

The SolarWinds Customer Portal provides access to license and maintenance information, support cases, and product downloads, as well as live and instructor-led virtual classroom training. You will need to obtain a SolarWinds customer ID (SWID) and create a user profile to access the portal.

When you log in to the Customer Portal, a toolbar displays at the top of the page. Click a category to access additional content.

The following table lists the categories and corresponding resources you can access from the toolbar.

Category Resources

View the latest product downloads, view the status of your support cases, view details about recent SolarWinds software releases, and earn how to perform common tasks


Download a product or hotfix, check the compatibility of your Orion products, download a free trial, and download License Manager


Manage your licenses; add license units; review details about licensing tiers, license activation; and management process for each product


Set up automatic renewal for your products, renew license maintenance, calculate renewal costs, and align renewal dates

Technical Support Locate a KB article or product guide topic, open a support case, review an existing case, use Orion Insights to perform a check on our current deployment environment, and review recent releases that are available to you
Education & Training Attend a virtual class, learn about SolarWinds Academy, get help using SolarWinds Smart Start, watch a SolarWinds Lab episode, watch a THWACK CAMP session, and learn about upcoming SolarWinds hosted events
Account Access your company information and user profile, link to another SolarWinds ID, review your invoices and payments, and log out of the Customer Portal Access the SolarWinds website and explore SolarWinds products
THWACK Community Log in and access the SolarWinds THWACK community and get help from industry professionals using SolarWinds products

Create a user profile

To download product software, you will need to create a user profile on the SolarWinds Customer Portal.

Users with multiple SWIDs require only one user profile. You can link your user profile to multiple SWIDs.

  1. Obtain the login credentials for the Customer Portal.

    If you are a SolarWinds customer but do not have a SWID, contact SolarWinds Customer Support.

  2. Go to
  3. Click Register.

  4. Enter your organization's email address and SWID, and then click Register.

    If you have multiple SWIDs, enter any SWID to create your profile. Later, use the User Profile menu to link the other SWIDs to your profile.

    The account administrator will review the request, and you will receive an email when it is approved.