Additional resources

The following table provides additional resources to help you move beyond getting started.

If you want to... Go To...
Generate a report Create and edit reports
Create a ticket approval process

How approval processes work

Approval process scenario and prerequisites

Hide a request type from techs and clients Archive a request type

Add a unique checklist to each ticket

Create a ticket checklist template and assign the template to a request type

Create a ticket checklist
Create an FAQ Create a new FAQ
Automate your Web Help Desk tickets using action rules and tasks How ticket automation works
Integrate Web Help Desk with NCM, NPM, and SAM on the Orion Platform SolarWinds Orion alert integration
Generate Web Help Desk tickets from Orion Platform alerts Combining SolarWinds products in your IT environment
Launch a remote control session from a Web Help Desk ticket
Participate in discussions with SolarWinds professionals SolarWinds THWACK IT Community
Get help resolving issues
Learn more about SolarWinds products