WHD preflight upgrade checklist

This preflight checklist details several important steps to help plan and prep for your upgrade.

Review the release notes Review the product release notes and available documentation in our Success Center.
Review the system requirements Make sure your environment has all required hardware and software requirements for your installations. You may need to also check the administrator guide for your product to locate the requirements.
Review the Gotchas See WHD installation gotchas you should review for the latest information that may impact your upgrade.
Review the licenses Review your current product licenses and determine if you need to make any changes. You can download any updated license keys for your upgrade through your Customer Portal. Verify any license upgrades and needs with your SolarWinds account manager or contact SolarWinds.
Do you need to migrate?

You may need to migrate WHD to a new server running an identical or disparate operating system. Check if you need to migrate by reviewing new requirements, your products, and your current environment.

Migrating adds time to your upgrade, but you have the best opportunity to update to new servers during an upgrade.

Do you plan to enable FIPS 140-2 cryptography?

If you plan to enable Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 compliant cryptography after the upgrade, ensure that your WHD deployment meets all hardware and software requirements.

This feature is required for computer systems installed in U.S. Federal Government agencies and companies in a regulated industry (such as healthcare and financial institutions) that share and distribute sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information.

Gather credentials Make sure you have all account credentials, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database credentials, your SolarWinds account, and local admin server credentials.
Upgrade to WHD 12.0 or later If you are running WHD 11.2.1 or earlier, upgrade to WHD 12.0 or later before you upgrade to the latest supported version. WHD 12.0 and later does not support an embedded FrontBase or an external Oracle database.
Run all Windows updates Before upgrading, check for and run all Microsoft Windows updates on your WHD server and all additional web servers. As you upgrade, if a Windows update runs, your system may reboot as needed by Windows.
Schedule the upgrade Set up the maintenance window, preferably off-peak hours. Depending on the number of products, size of database(s), and size of environment, you may need hours to complete your upgrade.
Need to migrate your PostgreSQL database? If you migrated Web Help Desk to a new server and you are running the embedded PostgreSQL database, restore the database on the new server.
Notify your company Send a message to your company of the upgrade schedule and maintenance window. If you need additional help, contact and allocate specific staff to be available.