Import an existing certificate

To use an existing certificate with Web Help Desk, import your private key and your certificate chain.

Do not import the certificate using Porteclé’ Tools > Import Trusted Certificate option because it will not include the private key.

The PKCS#12 standard specifies a keystore format used for transferring private keys and certificates. PKCS#12 files typically use the p12 or PFX extension. If you have your private key and certificate bundled in this format, you can import it directly into Porteclé.

If a PKCS#12 (p12 or PFX) file is not available, use the OpenSSL pkcs12 command to generate the file from a private key and a certificate. If your certificate is on a Windows server, export a PKCS#12 file from the Microsoft Management Console.

About certificates

By default, WHD creates a self-signed certificate. Since the certificate is not signed, it displays as not trusted. You can obtain a signed certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA), such as Comodo, GoDaddy, and others. To obtain a certificate, you can create a Certificate Request or use an existing certificate.

Create a Certificate Request

You can create a Certificate Request in WHD and send the output to the CA for signing. When you receive the signed certificate, import the certificate into WHD.

Use an existing certificate

Large organizations may use a signed certificate (such as a wildcard certificate) throughout their domain. This certificate may be stored in a central location (such the Central Certificate Store (CCS) included with Windows Server 2012 and higher) and distributed on demand.

In this example, the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) was not generated from the WHD Certificate Store. To obtain a certificate, export the certificate (including the private and public keys) from the CSS and then import the certificate into the WHD Certificate Store.