Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Advancedand Virtualization Manager

The VMAN Appliance

For versions prior to 8.0, the VMAN virtual appliance was the polling engine for VMAN. The appliance is installed as a virtual machine instance in your VMware or HyperV environment. To work with the SolarWinds Platform, the appliance must be integrated and synchronized.

Important: As of version 8.0, the appliance is no longer required, and VMAN is now a full SolarWinds Platform product.

New users

New users do not need to install or use the appliance. VMAN is fully functional as part of the SolarWinds Platform out of the box. The SolarWinds Platform now includes the built-in Orion VMAN poller.

Existing users already using the appliance

Existing users upgrading to the latest version of VMAN must retire the appliance and move fully over to the SolarWinds Platform. Follow our VMAN Upgrade Guide which will walk you through the upgrade process.