Upgrade SolarWinds UDT

This checklist details the steps for upgrading only UDT in your environment.

  • Upgrade Tip! If you upgrade multiple versions of the same product, skip the website optimization step in the Configuration wizard. Only run this step with the last installation to save time.
  • If you have an issue running the installer, check the following:
    • Verify the installer is not blocked. Right-click the installer file, select Properties. Check if Unblock is available and select.
    • Right-click the installer file and select Run as Administrator.
1. Installation step using the upgrade path (Repeatable)

Following the upgrade path, download the UDT product installation file from your Customer Portal in the My Downloads area. Save this file to your systems.

If you are directly installing UDT 3.2.4 or later, see step 2.

Depending on the version, you may have a smart bundle of all install files per system, separate files to download, or the standalone installer.

  1. Main Poller: Unzip, upgrade, and run the Configuration Wizard.
  2. Each Additional Polling Engine: Download and run the Additional Polling Engine installer, and run the Configuration Wizard.
  3. Each Additional Web Server: Download and run the Additional Web Server installer, and run the Configuration Wizard.

    During an additional web server upgrade, you can point users to the website of the main polling engine, or to any web server that is already upgraded.

After installing this product and version on your entire environment, check the product and version as done on your downloaded Upgrade Path PDF or list. If you have additional versions to install, repeat this step.

2. Run the improved UDT 3.2.4 installer

When you upgrade to UDT 3.2.4, you will use our improved standalone installer. To learn more about upgrading with the installer, see this article.

This installer runs a series of tests against the current environment and products:

  1. If you need to update your environment, a list of required changes displays with KB articles for more information. Complete all updates.
  2. A Compatibility Check runs. If you need to install additional product versions, an upgrade path displays with links to release notes and bits to download. Complete any additional upgrades using the repeatable steps.

    When running the additional poller or additional website .exe, a Compatibility Check displays for the server role. Select the specific role for the server: Additional Polling Engine or Additional Website.

  3. Re-run this installer for updates and the final product version installation.
  4. If all tests pass and all versions are correct, UDT 3.2.4 installs.
  5. Run the Configuration Wizard. Steps populate with previously configured settings including the Orion SQL database.

Upgrade Additional Polling Engine and Additional Web Server

When you upgrade your additional polling engine (APE) and additional web server (AWS), you will use a new unified Orion Scalability Engines Installer.

  1. Install your modules on the Main Poller. When complete, you will need to upgrade your additional polling engines and additional web servers.
  2. Download this installer through the Orion Web Console.
    • For the APE installer, click Settings > All Settings > Polling Engines.
    • For the AWS installer, click Settings > All Settings > Web Console Settings.
  3. Copy the installer to your APE or AWS.
  4. Run the appropriate installer on your APE and AWS. This single installer will upgrade all Orion modules on each of these servers. If you are upgrading one or more modules, all modules are upgraded!

This new lightweight installer is far faster for upgrading your APE and AWS than installing one module at a time!

3. Upgrade Orion Agents

If you have the Global Agent Setting to Allow automatic updates (enabled by default), the Orion Agents automatically upgrade in the background. Agents are tied to their release version. You can skip manually upgrading agents if the option is enabled.

The upgrades take a bit of time to complete, but will not require any actions. Agents update at a throttled number of 10 to limit the impact on the polling engine. As soon as one agent completes upgrading, another agent takes its place so there are always 10 active threads until all agents are upgraded.

If automatic upgrades are disabled, upgrade the Orion Agents:

  1. Open the Manage Agents page. Orion Agents requiring upgrades display Update Required.
  2. Select all agents needing updates and click More Actions > Update. The agents upgrade in the background.

You can enable the option through Settings > All Settings > Agent Settings and click Define Global Agent Settings.

4. Start the engines

Start services in the Orion Service Manager on the main polling engine, all additional polling engines, and all web servers.

5. Re-enable alert actions
  1. Go to Alerts & Activity.
  2. Click More.
  3. De-select Pause actions of all alerts.

If you have alerts configured to notify you when certain entities haven't been polled for "X" number of minutes or similar, ensure that you have waited at least two polling intervals before re-enabling alert actions so that polling has caught completely up, which prevents false alerts.

After the upgrade check your system

All product versions should be installed properly. Open the application and verify the versions displayed in the footer of the Web Console. Try current and new features with your system to check performance and expected functionality. If you run into issues, check the troubleshooting tips.


If you receive errors, try the following:

  • If you experience issues and are not on the latest product versions, we recommend completing a full upgrade. Use the SolarWinds Orion Installer to create the upgrade path. Many of these updates solve issues you may experience part way through your upgrade.
  • Check our Success Center for troubleshooting. We recommend searching the name of the product, the version number, any error codes or messages displayed, and the general issue you found.
  • Check your Customer Portal for any new hot fixes.
  • If you receive a (500) internal server error after an upgrade, use the Orion permission checker to make sure your Group Policy is not locked. See this article for full details.
  • If your views do not load when first opening the console, run the Configuration Wizard again.

If an issue occurs you need additional help with, contact Support. We recommend gathering diagnostics, a screenshot of the issue, and any error codes you receive. Attach and add this information to your ticket. You may also want to gather additional diagnostics on your additional polling engines and web servers.

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