Documentation forThreat Monitor

View triggered alarms

In Threat Monitor, you can view triggered alarms associated with your established alarm policies and policy rules. You can monitor alarms as they occur in your environment, search alarms by one or more keywords, and adjust the date and time range to view alarms triggered during a specific period.

You can also narrow your search based on a spike in alarm activity in one section of the histogram. To further refine your search results, drag your mouse pointer over any section of the histogram.

  1. On the Threat Monitor toolbar, click Alarms.

    As alarms stream into the table, the most recent alarms are listed first. Each triggered alarm lists all relevant data associated with the event.

  2. To view additional alarm details, click an event in the list.

  3. To view event logs associated with the alarm, click the total events hyperlink at the bottom of the page.
  4. To add or remove specific search criteria, click a column heading in the alarms table. The Add and Remove Search Criteria icons appear next to each entry in the column.

  5. To update the search criteria, click an Add to Search Criteria icon in the column.

    The search syntax updates and auto-submits the form.

  6. To remove a specific alarm or event detail from the search, click the Remove from Search Criteria icon .
  7. To return to the default view, click Clear Form.