Documentation forThreat Monitor

Create and edit dashboards and widgets

To create or edit your dashboards, log in as an administrator, click the Dashboards tab, and then click the gear icon . In edit mode, you can create new dashboards, add and remove widgets, edit display values in existing widgets, and reorder tabs.

  1. To create a new dashboard, click New Dashboard. The Add new Dashboard Tab page appears.

  2. Enter a dashboard name, and then click Add.
  3. Click your new dashboard tab, and then click Add Widget.

  4. From the Section drop-down list, select a widget type.

  5. Enter a name or title for the widget.

  6. Click Add. The widget appears on the new dashboard.

  7. Continue to add and arrange widgets as needed on the dashboard.

  8. As you add widgets, you can establish widget properties such and colors, number of events, and filter queries. Click the gear icon on an existing widget to make additional edits.

Add one or more of the following graph or chart widget types:

Add one or more event or facet widgets:

Add one or more geolocation (maps) widgets