Documentation forThreat Monitor

Add a plugin to a collector

This procedure is a general instruction for adding a plugin to a collector. Specific device plugin procedures are listed later in this document. If your device is not listed, review this procedure along with your device vendor documentation for guidance.

  1. In Threat Monitor, navigate to Admin > Manage Collectors.
  2. In the sensors list, select a collector, and then click Edit.

  3. Click the Data Sources tab.

  4. Click New Plugin.

  5. From the Active Plugin list, select the appropriate plugin for your data source.

  6. Next to each inactive worker, click the gear icon, and then click Save.

    If you have a very talkative and busy log (especially one like a firewall), click the appropriate gear icon to update the Parser to at least five processes, and then Storage to at least ten. Error can stay at one.

  7. Next to each inactive worker, click the play button , and then click Save.