Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk

Roles & Permissions

Your SWSD offers complete ITSM services. Therefore, there will be many users needing access to a variety of areas of your Service Desk. By assigning Roles & Permissions, you manage the specific areas each user can navigate to.

SWSD Role Types

There are 4 main role types:

  • Administrator (License required)

  • Service Agent User (License required)

  • Service Task User (Does not require a license)

  • Requester (Does not require a license)

Permissions and Restrictions

In your SWSD, permissions and restrictions allocated to a role denote and differentiate user groups and their access within the application.

It is important to review the Roles & Permissions section in the Administrator Guide for a deeper understanding of how each role and permission plays an integral part of the users ability to navigate throughout the SWSD.

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